Quickly Detect and Evaluate Safety Signals for Adverse Events

Adverse events can arise at anytime in a drug’s lifecycle with devastating consequences. Once an event is detected, immediate action is required to ensure drug safety as well as meet regulatory mandates for timely reporting.

But, with data silos, separate warehouses for analytics and operations, and the use of rigid technologies requiring extensive data modeling—it can take months to draw critical insights from the massive volume and variety of available safety information.

MarkLogic customers have discovered a data platform that allows for faster signal detection and simplified reporting for Pharmacovigilance.

Our flexible technology enables:

  • 構造が複数存在するデータの統合を最大10倍高速化
  • 完全な360ビュー(全体像)のデータにより意思決定が向上
  • データの隠れた関係性を発見できるインテリジェントなセマンティック検索
  • 政府レベルのセキュリティと強化されたデータガバナンス

And, MarkLogic’s flexible deployment means this enterprise-ready solution can be deployed in the cloud—with no infrastructure to buy or manage.

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The Operational Data Hub for Pharmacovigilance

A trusted record of critical information, MarkLogic provides a faster way to detect and evaluate adverse events with a single source of truth across all sources of drug data and metadata.

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Achieving efficient insight from healthcare data is key to faster evidence generation. MarkLogic accelerates RWE development by enabling rapid integration, harmonization, and intelligent search across data silos.