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この 90ページの電子書籍(日本語版)は、データハブの構築および利用に関する、最も信頼できるガイドブックです。さまざなま業界における実際の使用例もご紹介します。
This webinar will explore how leading Fortune 500 companies are using the MarkLogic Data Hub to integrate their data faster, with lower cost and less risk.
The average Human Resources team is sitting on a gold mine of data. When that data is used to improve decisions, optimize processes and increase employee satisfaction, it can add significant value. Discover how.
Dans cette infographie, nous avons identifié les principaux cas d’usages bancaires afin de vous apporter des réponses concrètes. Notre objectif est d’apporter une vision centralisée de l’ensemble des données de la banque.
Learn how MarkLogic can help manufacturers to deliver on industry 4.0 and deliver efficiency, reduce costs and create better products.
Discover how evolving market conditions are forcing need for greater underwriting speed and precision, leading to expanding requirements for data integration and governance.
Learn how complex systems are challenging heavy industry organizations and why MarkLogic provides the solution with better data integration.
Discover why integrated data is vital to claims handling automation, supplementing human interaction with customer data for a streamlined claims processes.
An insight into the key big data management challenges experienced by insurers and the opportunities for optimizing the integration and use of big data assets for improved customer insights leading to better customer experiences.
Find out why a MarkLogic Data Hub for regulatory compliance provides a better way forward for financial services firms.
Financial institutions need agile reporting to keep up with evolving regulations and fast-moving competition.
IT担当役員が自社のメインフレームシステムに関して最も懸念している問題は何でしょうか。 新世代のデータベースを導入した最新システムに何を期待しているのでしょうか。



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