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This 75+ page eBook is the most authoritative guide to building and using a data hub, packed with real case studies from across industries.
This webinar will explore how leading Fortune 500 companies are using the MarkLogic Data Hub to integrate their data faster, with lower cost and less risk.
保険業界の旧来のITシステムや非効率的なプロセスが成長を阻害 保険会社の90%において 顧客データの全体像をワンストップで把握できていないことが調査で明らかに
保険業界向け データハブ クイックスタートガイド
ハノーバー再保険: MarkLogicでビジネスインサイトと顧客サービスを向上 MyTMC、創業者兼社長、マティアス・エイドリアン氏 Hannover Re: Improving Business Insights and Customer Service With MarkLogic Matthias Adrian, Founder and Managing Director, MyTMC
This year's report highlights how platform businesses threaten to irrevocably disrupt the insurance industry.
How do you avoid losing customers at the point of claim? Are you effectively leveraging AI, automation and data analytics? Is the Lemonade-model really the holy grail? Get the answers from our panel of experts.
Discover how evolving market conditions are forcing need for greater underwriting speed and precision, leading to expanding requirements for data integration and governance.
MarkLogic was joined by Zurich Insurance UK and Liverpool Victoria on an interactive panel hosted by InsurancePost to discuss how to deliver positive customer outcomes by unlocking the full potential of your underwriting data
How can underwriters deliver on both better precision and efficiency? Leading insurers have found the answer with a MarkLogic Data Hub that allows them to surface, match, and use data more effectively.
For insurance companies to access and operationalize all business data to help reduce the cost and increase the performance of claims processing, the MarkLogic Data Hub for claims handling provides better reporting and improves business decision-making capabilities.
Brief, two minute animated explainer video exploring how insurance organizations can boost underwriting precision and efficiency with MarkLogic.
Discover why integrated data is vital to claims handling automation, supplementing human interaction with customer data for a streamlined claims processes.
An insight into the key big data management challenges experienced by insurers and the opportunities for optimizing the integration and use of big data assets for improved customer insights leading to better customer experiences.
A brief, two minute animated explainer video exploring how insurance organizations can drive faster, more accurate claims processing with MarkLogic.
A brief, two minute animated explainer video exploring how insurance organizations can power a better customer experience with a 360 degree view of their data.
MarkLogic World 2019: In this session, Great American Insurance discusses their technical progress through the change management lifecycle as well as tips and best practices.
The following report presents insights from the findings of a global research study conducted by MarkLogic in partnership with Research in Insurance in 2019. The research identifies key big data management challenges experienced by insurance organizations, and explores opportunities to optimize the integration and use of big data assets for improved customer insights and business performance across the enterprise.
MarkLogic and Wipro explore a modern approach to the insurance industry's unique data challenges, and how a semantic data hub enables insurance organizations to improve business intelligence and build smarter applications.



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