Important Update – MarkLogic World 2020

MarkLogic Certification logos are provided to individuals who are (i) currently certified as either a MarkLogic developer or administrator and (ii) authorized to use the logo under a Certification Agreement. These logos should only be used in an appropriate context and under the terms of your Certification Agreement and these branding guidelines. The Certification Agreement logos are as follows (depending upon whether you are certified as a developer or an administrator):



DO NOT create your own category logo. Instead, use the preferred primary MarkLogic logo and place the category description in the content of the document (e.g. written headline “MarkLogic Classroom” with the preferred logo — NOT the preferred logo with “Classroom” placed underneath or beside it). This is meant to maintain the clear space surrounding the logo. Any other need for a category logo must be created by a designer and authorized by the MarkLogic marketing team prior to using.

The MarkLogic company logo is the single most visible representation of MarkLogic. Thus, changing the logo in any way, such as changing the color or infringing on clear space (the amount of open space surrounding the logo), is not authorized. Never redraw the logo, alter the placement, change the size relationship, or recreate the logotype. Only authorized artwork may be used.

Correct Logo Usage

These examples above are of the correct use of the MarkLogic Certification logos. Any other usage is not authorized. The minimum size of the logo should be no less than one inch wide.

Incorrect Logo Usage

The MarkLogic logo should never be altered in any way other than what is outlined in the correct logo.

Never redraw the MarkLogic signature, use different colors, alter the placement, change the size relationship, or recreate the logotype. Modification of MarkLogic’s logotype and its parts, diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used.



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