MarkLogic is the tool for us. Our traditional tools just didn’t work: Oracle is a good database, but it just doesn’t do what we need it to do. We looked at other NoSQL databases—MongoDB and some of the others out there—and they don’t have the suite of tools that comes with MarkLogic that allows you to do these things.”

Allen Muller


With the MarkLogic Data Hub Platform, Eaton improved performance by more than 4.2x, as well as established a flexible infrastructure that allows the company to work in an agile fashion. Additionally, Eaton can produce projects and reports in weeks versus months or even years.

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced time to production
  • Achieved a flexible architecture
  • Delivered agility to employees


Eaton initially attempted to build the solution on a relational database, but according to Allen, “It didn’t work very well. It was very difficult to design and inflexible (we couldn’t change it), and it was very costly in terms of time, resources, and I would say missed opportunities.”


Eaton saw a 4.2x improvement in performance with MarkLogic.

Sped Production Time

Eaton can produce reports and projects in weeks versus months or even years.

Achieved Afforded Scalability

With MarkLogic, Eaton is scaling incrementally, horizontally, and with smaller commodity servers.


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