David Gorbetは、世界最高の仕事に就いています。エンジニアリング担当SVPとして、MarkLogicの次世代NoSQLデータベースプラットフォームの開発チームを統括し、ミッションクリティカルな最先端アプリケーションでお客様をサポートしています。


DavidはMarkLogic以前に、マイクロソフトのビジネスオンラインサービス戦略の先駆けとなるSharePoint Onlineチームを立ち上げ、この責任者となりました。またSharePoint Online以外にも、マイクロソフトやその他の企業で数多くの役職に就き、エンタープライズサーバー製品やアプリケーションに携わってきました。



The winners of our 2016 Customer Excellence Awards were chosen for their expert deployment of innovative solutions on the MarkLogic database platform. Announced at MarkLogic World 2016 in San Francisco, here's this year's list of remarkable recipients ...
Recently I was involved in a customer inquiry about transaction isolation. The customer had observed an unexpected interaction between two concurrent transactions and wanted an explanation of what they were seeing. This customer is fairly sophisticated, with many folks familiar with isolation principles and even a PhD in distributed computing, which made me think that a lot of people probably aren’t very familiar with the nuances of transaction isolation, especially as it relates to MarkLogic.
This is the first in a series of three blogs discussing David Gorbet’s “Shape Da Future” keynote address at MarkLogic World 2015. The data word has changed. Data itself is now a commodity, but the technology used to create experiences with it is not. New database technology can now drive tailored, real-time experiences that would’ve […]
Recently a serious security vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. MarkLogic application servers can be configured to use SSL, and MarkLogic uses OpenSSL to provide this capability. A patch to OpenSSL has been released to address this vulnerability, and MarkLogic has built patches for all impacted MarkLogic versions with OpenSSL 1.0.1g to […]
It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m here in the snowy, cold Washington, DC-area rather than at home in California with my family. Why? I’m spending some quality time with some of the greatest people in the industry, my fellow MarkLogicians at our annual sales kick-off. Two days ago was my third anniversary with MarkLogic, and as […]
Hello DB-Engines, I was just looking at your MarkLogic listing, and wanted to make you aware that there are actually three ways in which MarkLogic supports MapReduce: 1.       Our Hadoop connector allows customers to run Hadoop MapReduce jobs on data in MarkLogic. Doing this can be much faster and more secure than running Hadoop MapReduce […]