MarkLogic 9 Upgrade Accelerator

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database technology with the power and reliability you need to tackle Big Data projects. With MarkLogic 9, MarkLogic now offers greater agility and flexibility to do more at a faster pace with the skills your organization already possesses.

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Service Overview

The MarkLogic 9 Upgrade Accelerator is designed to help existing customers put the powerful features of MarkLogic 9 into action and explore the art of the possible. MarkLogic 9 is our most ambitious release yet, and is a free upgrade for all customers with an active support contract.

The Accelerator starts with a collaboration between MarkLogic Consulting and your team to determine which new features apply to your business and how they can best benefit you. Then we will work together to plan and implement your upgrade. MarkLogic Consulting has worked with MarkLogic 9 throughout the product development lifecycle and is uniquely positioned with deep reach-back capability to MarkLogic Engineering. This ensures our customers will have access to the most extensive and current information to take full advantage of MarkLogic 9.

Gain All the Benefits of MarkLogic 9

MarkLogic 9 includes a variety of robust new features that we can help you take advantage of. The following focus areas highlight some, but not all, of the new capabilities in MarkLogic 9.

Integrate Data Faster and Easier

MarkLogic 9 introduces an explicit way to create and define business entities. This capability is called Entity Services, and it allows you to define your business objects, query them in whatever form is best for the application, and move data into and out of MarkLogic even more efficiently and with less risk. By defining an entity model, much of the information about an entity can now be centralized and made declarative in MarkLogic 9.

Query and Discover Your Data Using the Optic API

The new Optic API is a powerful new query interface that allows developers to efficiently combine documents, triples, and rows for unprecedented flexibility. Working together, we can show you how to execute joins across entities, perform aggregations, and project data in different views for faster and more meaningful output. MarkLogic’s ability to combine multiple models of data is far easier with this single, coherent query API. Note that pre-existing APIs are, as usual, still fully supported in MarkLogic 9.

View Data Through a Relational Lens, and Query with SQL

We will work with your developers to incorporate the new Template Driven Extraction (TDE) capability to view document data (XML or JSON) through a relational lens. With MarkLogic 9, you can query selected data using SQL or the new Optic API. Using templates, you can specify which parts of your documents to project into a relational view, or an RDF graph. In this way, data can flow into MarkLogic in its natural format, and then be exposed as documents, RDF graphs, or relational views.

Take Advantage of Industry Leading Security Enhancements

MarkLogic 9 adds Element-Level Security, Advanced Encryption, and Redaction to MarkLogic’s existing best-in-class security. MarkLogic Consulting has experience using these and other security features in some of the most mission critical and secure environments in the world. We will help you create the right prescription for your business to secure PII, PHI or other sensitive data, and implement regulatory or other best practices to protect your business and your customers.

Enhance Search Capabilities

MarkLogic 9 further advances best-in-class text search capabilities. Our highly skilled consultants can help you take advantage of increased functionality within existing search features, including customized Tokenization and Stemming, even across multiple languages where relevant.

Manage Data More Effectively

MarkLogic 9 introduces a new management tool called Ops Director for easier administration across multiple clusters, across cloud and on-premises systems, and across production, test and development environments. MarkLogic consultants can work with you to get the most out of this new feature, providing programmatic control of your MarkLogic configuration and administration, making it even easier to manage growing installations.

Expedite the Support Process

To speed up the process of resolving support tickets, the new Telemetry feature can be turned on to automate the collection, encryption, and secure transmission of anonymized diagnostic and system-level information about a MarkLogic cluster to MarkLogic’s support team. This data relies on a new separation in MarkLogic between your own programmatic logging (which may contain sensitive data) and less-sensitive systems logging.

The Accelerator Process

During the MarkLogic 9 Upgrade Accelerator, we will:

  • Assess your application architecture and application code for opportunities to leverage new features mentioned above (as well as other new or existing features that will improve your operations)
  • Review the current features in use in your MarkLogic implementation, and the business needs being served by your system
  • Determine which new (or existing) features will particularly benefit your organization
  • Provide a much deeper overview of the new features, with a focus on those determined to be most applicable
  • Evaluate your MarkLogic cluster’s operational configuration and its optimization for upgrade
  • Identify any upgrade impacts on the organization, processes, and related technologies
  • Deliver an upgrade plan identifying activities, resources, timelines, and a risk mitigation plan

For customers who would like hands-on technical support to execute the upgrade plan, MarkLogic Consulting Services offers the most cost-effective, lowest-risk choice. We are available to complete the migration for you or work side-by-side with your technical team, including providing hands-on training, best practice advice, and validation of the implementation.

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