Customer Presentations


ALM Customer 360 – An MDM Approach

– July 17, 2015

Presenter(s): Gene Bishop, VP of Technology, ALM Jeff Litvack, President, Intelligence & Advisory, ALM


Power through Reading Analytics — The Future of Publishing with MarkLogic

– April 10, 2013

Rob Reynolds, Director, MBS Direct Digital
Dennis Flanagan, CEO, MBS Direct

Discover how MarkLogic can be utilized to deliver big data solutions in publishing, how publishers can leverage reading analytics to improve their sales and products, and why content flexibility is crucial to success in professional and educational publishing.


Video: Search with MarkLogic

– April 10, 2013

Correct and Consumable Answers to Complex Questions
Beverly Jamison, Sr. Director, IT Architecture, American Psychological Association

An Introduction to Search Visualization Using NYC Open Data
Andrew Wanczowski, Systems Architect, Conde Nast

Search Intelligence and MarkLogic Search API
Will Thompson, Chief Software Engineer, Jones McClure Publishing


The Journey: From Print to Online

– April 10, 2013

Ben Johnson, Director, Product Management, Mitchell1
Jeff Grier, Senior Director, Product Development, Mitchell1

This talk discusses Mitchell1’s evolution from a “structured data” approach to moving to a document-centric approach in MarkLogic architecture.


Playing to Audiences in the Digital World

– April 10, 2013

Jem Rayfield, Lead Technical Architect, BBC News and Knowledge
Matt Turner, Chief Technologist, Media Solutions, MarkLogic
Eddie Lee, Director, Digital Media Initiatives, Warner Bros.
Ben Ackerman, Senior Manager of Service Planning for Digital Reading, Sony Electronics

This panel explores the key factors and approaches of delivering media to audiences in the new digital age.


Winning Strategies to Make the Internal Sale

– April 9, 2013

Kathy Donner, Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Learn about the benefits of creating a new Big Data application, which has the ability to increase sales effectiveness, reduce support staff and maintenance, and track usage to better target resource investments.


Slides: Experiences with Node.JS and the MarkLogic REST API

– April 9, 2013

Chris Cieslinski, Senior Engineer, Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints

This is a look at the popular Node.js JavaScript platform with MarkLogic’s REST API. Chris covers how intuitive it is, how well it works, and discusses issues his team encountered.


When Simple Search Is Not Enough

– April 9, 2013

Mark Burlock, Solutions Architect, McGraw-Hill Financial
Sagar Bhujbal, Solutions Architect, McGraw-Hill Financial
Abhishek Srivastav, Senior Developer, TATA Consultancy Services

Find out how McGraw-Hill Construction uses MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL database to effectively handle complex data to address key challenges and risks.


Betting the Company:
How Springer Successfully Insourced Its Flagship Content Platform

– April 9, 2013

Brian Bishop, VP of Platform Development, Springer

This talk explores how MarkLogic: integrated with the agile, test-driven development; reduced project risk by serving as both database and search engine; provided maximum performance; and provided Springer with flexibility in product development.


Consolidation of Content is King (to Meet Business Objectives)

– April 9, 2013

Christian Kohl, Director Information & Publishing Technology, De Gruyter

This presentation looks at how De Grutyer automated processes on the back end in order to bring more and more partners and their content online.