ABN AMRO created an operational trade store on MarkLogic in order to meet compliance requirements in a flexible and agile manner


Reducing Risk and Paving the Path for the Future

  • Use Case: Operational Data Hub, Regulatory Data
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam

ABN AMRO selected MarkLogic to bring vast amounts of unstructured and structured trade data into one central operational trade store. With a consistent, transparent record of every order and trade event, ABN AMRO complies with internal and external reporting requirements in a fast and flexible manner, today and tomorrow.


We need the ability to respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements. We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult to handle in relational databases. We found the breadth of MarkLogic’s multi-model database and associated features, such as security and ACID transactions, to be compelling.”

Jaap Boersma, Principal Architect for Capital Markets Solutions, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.


Press release

ABN AMROがMarkLogicをトレードストアに採用

This press release describes the reasons why ABN AMRO chose MarkLogic for compliance and growth.