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Data Integration Summit 2017

At 2017’s MarkLogic Data Integration Summit representatives from the World Bank Group and Homeland Security will discuss how changing the way they integrate data silos, store, manage and search large volumes of disparate data types gave them the ability to gain more value from all of their data.


The Art and Science of Decision Support

From billion-dollar acquisition programs to national security strategies, federal agencies make hundreds of high-impact decisions each year. Historically, time-consuming manual efforts have been employed in decision support to gather and correlate information, conduct cost effectiveness and risk assessments, and present alternatives to decision makers. Innovative Decisions, Inc. (IDI) has a proven track record of implementing decision support and is now offering an innovative, data-driven decision support solution built on MarkLogic. This solution accelerates decision-making, mitigates risk, and advances adaptability to changing conditions over time.


Quickly Align Workforce Talent to Projects, Missions and Budgets

Under constant pressure to respond to new mandates and missions, government agencies are tasked to pivot quickly to align workforce talent to projects, missions and budgets in a manner that cuts wasteful spending, while ensuring staff satisfaction and the overall success of the mission. That’s a tall order. But, when built upon a foundation of secure, flexible database technology – all of these goals are within reach.


MarkLogic Wins Di2E Plugfest for DCGS-SOF

Congratulations to Marianne Myers, Brent Perry, Sheila Stewart and Ken McCaleb for their victory at the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (Di2E) Plugfest. They represented DCGS-SOF during “Operation Upshot Mashup,” aiming at creating a cloud-based set of services to take field intelligence and send it to be translated, analyzed, and summarized and ultimately made searchable by the enterprise.


Geospatial Analysis 2.0: True Situational Awareness

Blogs, reports, drone video feeds, mobile photos — and geo data — are all essential to geospatial analytics. Find out how integrating these data sources into GIS systems allows real-time analysis of the world — so you can make better decisions, faster.


Government Data and Knowledge-Based Information Management

Complex manual transformation operations are draining budgets by needing to mobilize IT resources to make sense of existing data instead of delivering insights to decisions makers. Here’s how a semantic layer allowed the harnessing of knowledge — as well as data.


Update from the GEOINT Symposium

The GEOINT Symposium is the preeminent event for the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities. This year GEOINT celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and MarkLogic is present in force down in Tampa to show how Enterprise NoSQL is making difference today in the community. At the symposium, MarkLogic is demonstrating our latest innovation in the […]


Handoff Partners’ Decision Strategy Engine

Decision Support is an organizational process that gathers and analyzes stakeholder inputs, raw data and, now, documents to support major decision-making.  As unstructured data volumes have proliferated in recent years, attempts to use existing tools to systematically harvest and correlate information that could be insightful has not been fruitful.  Whether rigid or reactive, manually intensive […]


Got GEOINT? Try Multi-INT Fusion with MarkLogic & Esri

At the Esri Federal GIS Conference, MarkLogic demonstrated the interoperability between Esri’s ArcGIS and an Object Based Production (OBP) data model, utilizing MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform. The integration allows GIS users to fuse and correlate geospatial features with multi-INT data objects including imagery, full motion video, finished intelligence reports, open source intelligence, and other […]